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Jamesville Community Museum, Onondoga County

6492 East Seneca Turnpike

Jamesville, NY 13078

Phone: 315-492-4890

Museum Hours:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID 19, our hours of operation are by appointment ONLY. Call Greg Titus at 315-469-6681.


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*Museum Picture Credit: Kathy Hastings, Jamesville Resident & Local Business Owner of Sweet Salvage

Jamesville Community Museum 2021 

Quilt Raffle


CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners...

1st PLACE: Karen Reals

Karen won the beautiful quilt pictured below. 

Winners of their choice of one museum book:

Jill Andrews

Scott Wilson

Judy Dix

Howie Reals


















Jamesville Community Museum 2021 Exhibit


















We have a new exhibit at the Jamesville Community Museum. Thanks to Greg Titus and with the help from Bob and Odette Catney, our display in honor of Jack McCabe is now up. For those that do not know Jack, he was a long time Jamesville Elementary Teacher, Coach and a local golf legend. The display includes pictures and other keepsakes from throughout Jack's career and life. Come check this special exhibit out! You can visit the museum by calling Greg Titus for an appointment, email us, or stop in during our Sunday open hours. See you there!