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Jamesville Community Museum, Onondoga County

6492 East Seneca Turnpike

Jamesville, NY 13078

Phone: 315-492-4890

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID 19, our hours of operation are by appointment ONLY. Call Greg Titus at 315-469-6681.


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*Museum Picture Credit: Kathy Hastings, Jamesville Resident & Local Business Owner of Sweet Salvage

 Jamesville Community Museum Events

2020 Holiday Happenings



And the winners are....


On Saturday December 12th, we held a very small gathering to draw the raffle tickets


Our 2020 Holiday Quilt Raffle Winner is:

Terry Middleton

Congratulations Terry!! 

Included in this raffle were 4 winners who get to choose from 1 of 3 published museum books. 

Those winners are:

Karen Kerney

Susan Miller

Terry Middleton


Helen Swift

Our museum President, Bob Catney, will be in touch with you to make arrangements to pick up your prize. 




4th Annual Armed Forces Appreciation Day

We held our 4th Annual Armed Forces Appreciation Day on 25 May 2019. Thanks to the wonderful Jamesville Community, it was a huge success! Thank you to all that joined us. Below is just a sample of what our day looked like.

Have pictures from the event that you want to share? Send them to us at jamesvillecommunitymuseum@gmail.com and we will post them here!




















Alpha Monument Rededication

On Saturday, 13 October 2018 the Jamesville Community Museum, along with Jack and Haberle Conlon, held a rededication ceremony for a monument that was recently resurrected from the Alpha Cement Plant, as part of Haberle's Eagle Scout project. While it was a rainy Saturday afternoon, that didn't stop the community, boy scouts and former Alpha employees from showing up for the historic ceremony. 

A note from Jack Conlon:

My son and I want to thank all who braved the rain to attend the Alpha monument rededication at Avery Park. There was a good turnout of scouts and local residents for this occasion. The Jamesville Community museum had a nice reception afterwards with cider and donuts. A few pics here, some very nice items displayed at the museum.






quilt 2020.JPG