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Welcome to the official site for the Jamesville Community Museum! Here, you will find information on upcoming events, news, archives, and more. If you have any questions, concerns or are interested in becoming a member, please refer to the contact tab above. 


Jamesville Community Museum, Onondoga County

6492 East Seneca Turnpike

Jamesville, NY 13078

Phone: 315-492-4890

Museum Hours

Our museum is open on Sundays, 1:00 to 4:00, or by appointment:

call Greg Titus at 315-469-6681.


Search: Jamesville Community Museum OR  go to:

*Museum Picture Credit: Kathy Hastings, Jamesville Resident & Local Business Owner of Sweet Salvage


Jamesville Community Museum 2022 

Quilt Raffle


The drawing for the quilt will take place during Light Up Jamesville at the museum on December 3rd.















Our new trustee, Nancy Haswell, holds one end of this year’s quilt raffle grand prize. The queen-sized quilt has a traditional basket block design on a patterned yellow background, deep red border and dark greens and reds throughout. The quilt will be on display at the Jamesville M&T Bank. Buy your tickets there: $1 each, $5 for six, and $10 for 13.

Jamesville Community Museum 2022 Exhibit



















Our newest exhibit spotlights team photos and memorabilia from Jamesville High School. Curator Greg Titus gathered photos of girls and boys basketball, baseball, football, and cheerleading teams, stretching from the 1920’s through the 1940’s. On loan are some varsity letters, pins and cheerleader megaphones.


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